Dom & Dianes Wedding

A great weekend celebrating Dom & Diane’s wedding. I think I was the only Englishman there, everyone else was either French or Indian – it was a very lively wedding. I loved it. Travel there involved two breakdowns and a terminal breakdown on our return, but that just added to the adventure of it all.

Wedding Video


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My Faith12


I had a great (birthday) weekend finally getting to watch the film: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy – amazing cinematography. Then on Sunday we went to the Frog & Nightgown Classic Car Show (see below) followed by lunch:  Duck & hoi sin sauce pizza’s + an amazing desert by Matt R.

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Narrow Boating

I just got back from four days on the Grand Union canal on a boat hired from the Wyvern Shipping Company. Canal boating is such an underrated sport! I went with Andy, Fred and Fraser [the ‘faithful remnant’ from my year group] – I’ll let the pictures say the rest.


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My Week

A busy week but a good one with the college hosting a leadership conference which is the coming together of Pastors and Church leaders from the UK, Europe and beyond. I love these times for who I get to meet and the team I get to work with.

My week began with some outdoor dining which cumulated in a Skype chat with international 3rd year – Kevin. My week ended with some tennis – I’m loving the weather we’re having right now!

Outdoor Dining

The Bible

Someone asked me the other day as to which Bible Translation I use and my answer may have sounded a little highfalutin as I can use anything up to eight different translations in any given day, but with the advent of the electronic age it’s very easy to swap from one translation to another. For study purposes I mostly use the ‘New International Version’ (NIV)/’New King James Version’ (NKJV) but if God speaks to me through a particular verse then I’ll look at it in several different translations. At the moment I’m also reading the Chronological Bible (ordered in a timeline) in the New Living Translation (NLT), but periodically I break-off from doing that to read other books as God leads me and usually in the NIV translation.

Why are there so many translations? Originally the Bible was written in Greek and Hebrew so a translator has to look at each word [as you would an English word in a dictionary] and then translate it – therefore all translations are subjective to one degree or another – but God knew that. Some translations set out to capture meaning as accurately as possible – often at the expense of readability, others marry meaning and textual flow to aid readability. Some express meaning in a contemporary way whilst others attach numbers (Strong’s) to each word allowing you to explore the Greek & Hebrew for yourself.

What’s my position on the different translations? As a Christian I believe that the Bible is better read than not and must be understood – so choose a translation that works for you whilst being mindful of Revelation 22 (Verse 18-19), which warns against adding to the Bible or taking away from it – definitely evident in some religious system’s.


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The weekend marked the end of a week long holiday for me – very relaxing! Did some running, made a rice pudding (slow cooker), dined at wimpy (pictured), watched ‘Burn After Reading’ and Man Utd/Chelsea (3-3).

United play Liverpool next weekend – should be good. I’ve also found a pub (in the south) which screens football and serves Timothy Taylor’s – Phewwwwww!




One of the things we do a lot of in the Attic flat is cook then eat and sometimes when we cook we cheat! 

I haven’t posted for a while – so busy! But to bring this blog up to date I returned to Roffey as a third year student – I’m one of ten, three based in Horsham, three in Crawley, one in Wales, one in Scarborough, one in France and one in Israel!

I work for our Church in Crawley alongside Matt & Amy and under the leadership of Pastor Paul. My week is full of variety, I serve in the Church on Sunday’s, a day a week I work for the college, I’m with the students on Wednesday’s, I work for Sainsbury’s two days a week and with Ps Paul and the Church at all other times.

Weekly I attend three 6am prayer meetings and I’m often at meetings in the evening so my days can be long – I actually took up running to help me cope with my schedule and between commitments I often run 6k as it helps me to do more!

I live with three others in a large apartment and enjoy socializing with them + others which completes the circle for me. I love cooking, having people over, meeting some of our neighbours at the most local of local pub’s, eating at The Giraffe, The Hornbrook and Strada – when funds allow! I love following Man Utd, Crawley, Bradford and Southend (unwittingly!) I love God, He loves me – I LOVE life!

Jeremy & Esther’s Wedding

We had a great time in France at Jeremy & Esther’s wedding. Great food, great wine – as you might imagine! Good to be there with so many Roffey students and some of our teachers too!

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Exam Success

Very Proud of my nephew and Godson Harry who got straight A’s plus six A stars in his GCSE’s! He was humble about it too – when offered a ‘special’ meal he opted for a Pot Noodle!


Wedding Pictures

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Dave, Fraser and I are off to France tomorrow – we’re picking-up Pierre en-route and then heading south for Jeremy & Esther’s wedding – should be fun! Looking forward to seeing Marine, Kevin, Romain and PJC [& Co] too!

Picture: Dijon

Summer Break

Faith camp was great fun although I was [VERY] tired when I got back to Horsham! My job ‘day security’ was more demanding than I thought and involved walking miles each day but I enjoyed it in equal measure to its demands!

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve visited my Church family in Reading and friends & family in York – it was great to see everyone! Check-out my Faith11 video below.

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